Private Label

Private labels are manufactured solely for wholesalers. At NGR Paper, we can help you build an undefeatable brand that can succeed in the competitive market in terms of quality products and premium service. There are several advantages to private labels. For e.g.

  1. They don't have to compete head to head with name brands.
  2. It allows more control over pricing, marketing, sales and distribution and therefore keeps your client base intact.
  3. It creates a unique image which begets a strong marketing identity and promotes customer recognition and loyalty.
  4. It makes it harder for competitors to penetrate your clients.
  5. Private labels enhance branding value and generates exposure.


A watermark is an identifying image or pattern on paper that appears as various shades of lightness/darkness when viewed by transmitted light or reflected light. There are many advantages to having a watermark. Namely

  • It provides authenticity and security
  • It is a permanent part of the paper and makes the document easily identifiable.
  • It serves as an extension of the corporate image.
  • It conveys a confident and distinguishable brand image.

Paper Converting

Paper converting refers to the process of converting large parent rolls into smaller sized sheets. This process is an essential part of the completed product. Printing presses come in different sizes therefore the width/diameter needs to be changed accordingly. There are two types of converting processes:

  1. Slitter/ Rewinder

    A slitter or rewinder is a paper converting machine that is used to cut the paper. This machine takes large rolls and that unwind the material through a series of blades that slit or cut the paper into smaller widths and then rewind the paper into new rolls. NGR uses the best slitter/rewinder in the market.
    Size and Specifications:
    Slitter Working Size - 250 cm
    Minimum Cutting Size - 11cms
    Maximum Cutting Size - 250 cms
    Substance - 40 gsm to 500 gsm

  2. Folio Sheeting

    In folio sheeting the jumbo rolls are converted to specific size sheets which are then ready to use for Offset Printing Presses. We use supreme quality sheeters that are fast, efficient and accurate.
    Size and Specifications:
    Maximum Width of Paper - 170 cms
    Maximum Diameter of Reel - 180 cms
    Cutting Length Range - 45 - 145 cms
    Paper Stack Height - 130 cms
    Substance - 60 to 550 gsm

Inner Core Liner

At NGR, we have the best and most cost efficient web offset printing machine. We make customized core liners for our customers for their branding inside the tape cores.

Flexo Printing

NGR has a unique flexo printing machine for specialised work. It provided roll to roll printing with a maximum width of 100 cms and 3 color printing.